Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prince William Forest 12 hr run.
I decided I would take on Prince William Forest - I couldn't help myself.  I go there so much but I enjoy it every time!

So I had another job to do that day so I decided I would have time for 1 loop in the morning and maybe 3 or 4 more in the afternoon when I returned. 
My friend spotted me in the dark, how he did that I don't know :) - and said he didn't think I was coming. He was running his first Ultra as was many others, including a 12 year old girl and Tonya, who I was friends with a while but only just got to meet her that morning! She was awesome and got in her 32 miles! I love seeing people accomplish their dreams! She was super pumped raising her arm as she crossed that line.

I got in my first loop then headed over to my other job with was an REI volunteer project at Meadow wood.  Here we all are at an Ultra painting job!  After 3 1/2 hrs of painting I returned to the forest which was turning into a rather warm day. I got in another 4 loops and was very happy with that.  People thought I was hurt because I had black all over me which was just some paint.
It was great to see Gary Knipling there after his return from UTMB helping out. All the volunteers rock as always and the food as this one was one of the best! Maybe that's why I love running ultras so much good food and great friends!

Here is my friend Tonya, fist raised in glory of her first Ultra! You are amazing girl!